March Music Madness!

Last year I did the March Music Madness for the first time and it was super successful!  So I’m doing it again this year.  We start next week.  Here are my song brackets:  2016-music-bracket


Here is what I do:

  • Day 1: play 2 songs from one bracket.  I usually just play the song but this year I might show the music video (lyric video for inappropriate videos).  After each song, the class votes.  The winning song moves on to the next bracket.
  • Day 2: I play 2 songs from the next bracket.  Same as above.
  • Day 3 and beyond: When we enter the second round, I still play each song (they have already heard the song in the 1st round).  The class votes.
  • Last day:  March Spanish Music Madness Finale!!  I try to play this up big time and with my best announcer voice, I introduce each song.
  • New this year, I want to post the winning song in the hallway.

Check back later in March to see who won.  Follow me on Twitter to see the progress using the #marchspmusicmadness

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