Embedded Reading Spanish 4

In Spanish 4, we are getting ready to read La Hija del Sastre.  I am doing a lot of backwards planning and currently doing vocabulary for chapter one.  These were the target vocabulary for this past week: pasaban por, oyó, dejó de, se despertó, había -ido/-ado structure.  I had them create an embedded reading for me on a post-it.  I took the best ones and combined them for a story.  I was able to throw in some other upcoming target vocabulary for the novel in the embedded reading.

The embedded reading is about two students and Chris Brown.   We read it in class, talked about it, and as requested, acted out some of it.  While we acted it out, I was able to throw in even more upcoming vocabulary and I was able to get more repetitions, especially the había -ido/-ado structure.  It was a lot of fun!

Click here for the PDF of the embedded reading

Click here for more info on Embedded Readings.


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