Navidad activities

Here are some activities for Navidad:

1) MUSIC:  Rodolfo el Reno by Thalia: ACTIVITY SHEET

El Burrito de Belén and Noche de Paz.  SONG LYRICS , CLOZE ACITIVY

You can find many versions of these songs on Youtube.  Juanes has a great version of El Burrito de Belén.

2) COMMERCIALS:  LINK TO COMMERCIAL GOOGLE DOC  Scroll to the bottom of the document to find Navidad commercials.

Here is a commercial for El Banco Comercial.  Here is a very basic COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY for this ad:

@placido has been tweeting about activities to do with Navidad commercials.  She has some great listening activities.

3) Videos:  Here is a great video about Los Reyes Magos.  You can do MovieTalk with this video.  I’ll try to write up a reading about the video (unless somebody already has one…).



  1. Thank you so much for posting your thoughts, ideas and activities on you blog. I sincerely appreciate it!

    In the above post, you mentioned that you may write a reading for the “Los Reyes Magos” video. If you created this, would you be willing to share it with me? If so, my email address is jrooke at dot us

    I am in the process of re-creating my lesson plans for next school year.

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