2018 Navidad Commercial Madness!

Here is the 2018 Navidad Commercial Madness bracket and supplementary activities!

2018 Navidad Commercial Madness

Announcing the 2018 edition of Navidad Commercial Madness!!  This post contains the new 2018 bracket along with supplementary activities.  The activities document has links to Kahoot, Edpuzzle, and ways to make each commercial comprehensible.  I have also included links to my Google folder of the downloaded commercials, the Youtube playlist, and bulletin board materials to make your own bracket.

You can follow along the Bracket Madness on Twitter.  Share your results using the hashtag #navidadmadness .  I can’t wait to see how these commercials do in your classes; there will be some tough battles.

Here is the 2018 Navidad Commercial Madness bracket

Here is the 2018 Navidad Commercial Madness supplementary activities Google doc

Here is the 2018 Navidad Commercial Madness supplementary activities PDF

Here is the Google drive of the downloaded commercials

Navidad Madness 2018 bulletin board (I am going to cut these out and make a bracket on my board)

Here is the Youtube playlist

I was completely flattered as to how many people asked me if I was going to do this again.  I was also humbled to read how many people used the Navidad Madness last year.  I was thinking of selling it this year on Teachers Pay Teachers but I decided not to.  You get all of this for free!!  I hope you have as much fun with it as I do.

If you did not do last year’s bracket, here it is.  There were some really good commercials last year too.  The post also has a basic outline of how I do the commercials each class.


My thanks to Nancy Kattoula for proofreading the activities




  1. Un montón de gracias! Just finished the 2nd bracket: El Corte Inglés (¿Cómo empieza la Navidad?) v Vuelve a Casa, and Coca Cola (Seamos Santa) v Nestle (La cena que no ves) are competing next. The kids are loving it! For the second bracket, I had them write about why they voted for each of their preferences. Great way to get some output, without any pressure!

  2. Falabela won our bracket! The kids are still singing the song! Thank you for this assignment, it was so fun!

  3. This is truly amazing. I appreciate all that you have compiled and shared for free.
    Regarding how to use, I’m a tad confused. If I wish to limit the number that I show, can I have them vote on ‘Poll everywhere’ for example on just 5, for example?
    It’s great for culture, listening comprehension, etc.

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