2018 Noël Commercial Madness!

Here is the bracket and supplementary activities for the French edition of Noël Commercial Madness 2018!

Announcing the French version of the 2018 Noël Commercial Madness!!  This post 2018 Noël Commercial Madness!contains the  2018 bracket along with supplementary activities.  The activities document has links to Kahoots, Quizlets and ways to make each commercial comprehensible.  I have also included links to my Google folder of the downloaded commercials, the Youtube playlist, and bulletin board materials to make your own bracket.

I am happy to add a French version along with the Spanish edition of Christmas Commercial Madness.  There are 8 really good commercials in this French bracket.

You can follow along the Bracket Madness on Twitter.  Share your results using the hashtag #Noëlmadness .  I can’t wait to see how these commercials do in your classes; there will be some tough battles.

Here is the 2018 Noël Commercial Madness bracket

Here is the 2018 Noël Commercial Madness supplementary activities Google doc

Here is the 2018 Noël Commercial Madness supplementary activities PDF

Here is the Google drive of the downloaded commercials

Here is the Youtube playlist

Here are bulletin board materials (print them out and make a bracket on your board)

To see a basic outline of what I do with the commercials each class, you can check out my post from last year’s Spanish edition.

Thanks to Cécile Lainé for proofreading the activities!




  1. We just finished the French Commercial Madness and our favorite was Bouygues Telecom. We had so much fun doing all the activities. Looking forward to do this activity again next year. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. In French (and Spanish) when there was a KAHOOT, I typed out the 7 sentences and I had groups staple them in order (after I had cut them and mixed them up). Then the same groups would write 5 true/false statements (that I could use for a Listening Test later if I wanted). Then we did Running Dictation (great to do the week before break!), and finally we did the Kahoot. Thank you so much for the Kahoots (yippee!)

  3. What are the chances you will have the Commercial Madness again this year? This was one of my students favorite activities last year, they loved it!

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