2021 Navidad Commercial Madness!!

This post contains info and the link to purchase the 2021 Navidad Commercial Madness.

Here it is! The 2021 edition of the Navidad Commercial Madness! This edition contains 16 commercials with activities to make each commercial comprehensible such as readings, image sequence, writing activity, graphic novels (comic strips), transcripts, matching, and more. It has links to Gimkit, Quizlet Diagram, screenshot slideshows, and a full slideshow of all of the commercials with the activities.

You can follow along the Bracket Madness on Twitter.  Share your results using the hashtag #NavidadMadness .  I can’t wait to see how these commercials do in your classes; there will be some tough battles.

Here is the Youtube playlist of all of the commercials.

Also this year, I am offering a shorter version of the 2021 Navidad Commercial Madness bracket. It has half the commercials (8 commercials) and their accompanying activities, readings, games, etc. This 1/2 version might be good for those who want to spend more time on each commercial or for those who do not have enough time to do all 16 commercials. Here is the link to purchase the half version.



  1. Hey, even though it is after Christmas, I am considering doing this anyway. The students loved doing a música madness bracket and asked if I could come up with something similar. I was just wondering if you think this bracket and the activities would be good for Spanish 1 students?

    • A lot of the activities will be good for Spanish 1 but some will need a little scaffolding. There are also additional activities made by other teachers for lower levels that are in the Google folders.

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