What worked this year

According to a questionnaire that I had all my students fill out, here are the top things that helped them learn Spanish:

Acting out Stories  They are always fun, interactive, and student/class focused

Watching Movies  We watch a variety of movies related to the theme/novel.  For example, in Spanish 3 we watch The Book of Life with the Day of the Dead, in Spanish 3 we watch Una Mejor Vida with the immigration theme and in Spanish 4 we watch El Laberinto del Fauno with the Spanish Civil War.

Listening to Music:  We listen to a new song every 2 weeks or so.  HERE are my semester 1 song packets.

Reading as a class:  When we read a chapter together as a class, either with me reading in Spanish and asking questions or with a student(s) reading either in Spanish or in English (depends on level).

Gestures:  Having gestures for vocabulary structures always helps with the acquisition.

Mini-storiesAs one student wrote: “stories involving students’ names (it helps the new words stick)”

Kahoot:  Definitely the best game that I have ever played in the classroom.  HERE is some info.

Watching El Internado:  Always a favorite.  HERE are my resources.

Daily Spanish Interaction: “Talking about everyday life in Spanish.”  The weekend chat “trying to say our life in Spanish”


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