Internado Graphic Novels for Episode 1

Mike Peto recently shared his graphic novels for Episode 3 (Season 1) of El Internado on his blog.EP1 Marcos-Paula arrive  See the novels and read the explanation of how to use them.    Here are some graphic novels for Episode 1 of season 1:

1st Graphic Novel Episode 1 Marcos and Paula arrive at the school

PowerPoint Version  | PDF Version

2nd Graphic Novel Episode 1 Alfonso warns Carolina and VictoriaEP1 Marcos-Paula arrive2

PowerPoint Version  |  PDF Version

3rd Graphic Novel Episode 1 Héctor’s first lesson

PowerPoint Version  |  PDF Version

EP1 Alfonso en dormitorio4th Graphic Novel Episode 1 Alfonso, Elsa, Héctor in the library

PowerPoint Version  |  PDF Version



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